Total Australia Enterprises Pty Ltd (T/A Strata Maintenance Group) is committed to minimising environmental risk arising from company activities. SMG (TAE) aims to meet the concept of sustainability encompassing protection of the environment. SMG (TAE)'s environmental management differs slightly between projects.


SMG (TAE) respects its relationship with the natural environment and its life-sustaining ecosystems and recognises the need to maintain and restore a rich biodiversity.


SMG (TAE) acknowledges the adverse impacts that human activity can impose and takes actions to prevent degradation of our natural systems, while supporting the repair and recovery of those systems.


SMG (TAE) recognises its responsibility to practice and promote behaviors that support activities which contribute to environmental sustainability within the local, national and international community.


  • Ensuring that its operations continue to use environmentally friendly chemicals, materials & equipment and follow best practices for environmental protection.
  • Providing services to its customers that enable them to meet and exceed both regulatory and environmental initiatives.
  • Building collaborative relationships with its customers, suppliers, and industry associations to enable a swift and intelligent exchange of environmental solutions.
  • Leveraging its knowledge and experience to innovate new environmentally friendly services and solutions.
  • Creating a healthy environment in the communities in which we live and work .
SMG (TAE) believes that being environmentally responsible requires a shift in consciousness. SMG (TAE) is working to ignite this shift internally because we believe that environmental responsibility and corporate profitability will increasingly work together. SMG (TAE) will continue this practice as a matter of conscience and culture, not regulation.