Work Health Safety

A safe working environment protects employees, minimises risk to the customer and generates mutually beneficial cost and time savings to all project team members


Total Australia Enterprises Pty Ltd (T/A Strata Maintenance Group) is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of all people that work on or visit our jobsite. SMG (TAE) has clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all of its management staff to ensure that safety is a major priority.


The plans and policies are developed with the involvement of those affected, and are fully documented and communicated. SMG (TAE) recognises that non-management personnel play an equally important role with respect to safety. Non-management personnel are encouraged to assist in the development, implementation and review of its WHS management system.This ensures workers can contribute to the making of decisions affecting their health, safety and welfare at work.


Hazards from materials, chemicals and equipment are identified and controlled at the source, as a result of consultation with employees, suppliers and customers.


All maintenance and practices, products and equipment used by SMG (TAE) comply with relevant acts and regulations.


Policies and plans are systematically developed in conjunction with relevant Acts and Regulations to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Equipment and products used by SMG (TAE) comply with all the relevant acts and regulations.


Training and communication is designed to ensure that employees, customers, and suppliers are able to integrate OH&S into their daily activity.